Car Carrier Transportation

Car Container Transportation
Our special service includes handling of stable cars like antiques that are usually the prized possessions of families across generations. All New Gati movers and packers are adept at transporting every kind of vehicles in each style of size and form. Our service of Car Container transportation city is one in all a form within the India.

We undertake every kind of Car Container transportation in India and other metropolis. Whether or not you would like to move Associate in nursing antique Car Container to a different location across the New Gati or whether or not you would like to move your loved one Car Container to another city or across the India, All New Gati Packers and Movers give you with the simplest deal that’s incomparable within the business.

Some of the highlights of our service include: Noting down and taking snapshots of any previous scratches or dents within the body of the Car Container within the presence of the owner signing a written contract associated with the protection of the involved Car Container Photocopying the required documents of the Car Container so as to require prove the legal transportation of the Car Container if any state of affairs arises New Gati Packers and Movers loading the Car with the Container by staff thus on stop any scratches or dents. Blocking the front and therefore the rear wheels of the Car Container by stoppers to stop them from rolling throughout the transportation.

Our requirements: For transporting your loved one Car Container , we tend to don’t fire drawn-out paper work. All we want 2 photocopies of any government issued positive identification and two passport sized images. We will like to photocopies of the RC book of your Car Container and therefore the photocopies of insurance papers.
Get a free quote for transporting your Car Container promptly. Stock up a straightforward type on our web site and acquire Associate in nursing estimation from our staff straightaway.